Sunday, 9 January 2011

Home or "home" ? !

I have been very "home sick" this last week or so - not that "home" is home any more, as London is my home.

I just miss the heat and lifestyle in South Africa, sitting outside, having a braai, going down to the beach, having an ice cold castle overlooking the mountains and see (in Hermanus) - little things like that. Sitting around with my family, talking kak, watching people, playing the fool .... need I say more. It is the same (in Jan) every year for me, all of a sudden I want to pack my bags and fly down south, to warmer weather. This getting dark at 4 pm, and only getting light at 8 am, not even to mention the constant cold. Staying indoors, because it is to cold to do anything else.

In spite of all of that, I still like it in the UK, and this is home, maybe I just need a good old fashioned holiday :-)

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