Sunday, 2 January 2011

Starwars like the EU

These last 2 days I have been watching all the Starwars movies, and after all these years they are still worth watching.

There is one thing that I have come to a conclusion about, and that is that the Federation is like the EU, a big bad monster that is fucking up everything in it's way. They had a scene where the Princes of Naboo speaks to the senate, and the 1st thing they want to do is to form a comity to discuss what is happening. The more I look at the EU, the more I think it is something that is going to fail big time at some point in the future, and going to pull the whole of Europe down with it.

The Federation (EU) is corrupt, not doing much, but still being propped up by the member states. Some states looks like they are more equal than others, and seem to be better off, as they are the ones on the winning side .... or just that little bit more corrupt than the rest.

But anyhow, let me continue with my Star Wars movies ...

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